Wordle Game Playing Rule:

Guess the 5 letter hidden word in 6 tries.

Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word, you cannot enter random letters. Hit the enter button to submit the guess.

After your submission, the color of the tiles will change as in the examples below.


The letter G is in the word and in the correct spot.

The letter O is in the word but in the wrong spot.

The letter E is not in the word in any spot at all.

Wordle Game Today Features:

1. It's Free Forever - This Wordle Unlimited game is free forever! Play as much as you want, no charge for playing this Wordle Game

2. No App Install Needed - No need to install any external app to your smartphone to play your favourite Wordle Game Today.

Just bookmark this website to your home screen so that you find it at your fingertip whenever you want to play.

3. 24x7 Available - No need to wait for 24 hours to play next Wordle Game. Play Any time you want.

4. Super Fast Loading - This wordle game website has only wordle game, so it loads super fast on week network connection also.

5. Night Mode - This Wordle game has a night mode feature also. So it cares your eyes while playing at night.

6. Colour Blind Mode - We care for colour blind people also. This Wordal Game has colour blind mode also.

7. Leaderboard - This Wordle game has a leaderboard where you can see your winning records.

8. Auto Save - If you want to take a break in between the game but worried about game lost?

Don't worry beause this Wordle Game has auto save feature, so take a break. Whenever you will returen, your game is ready for you to resume.

9. Share Your Achivement - Wanna show your game records to friends? just share it using share button present in leaderboard section.

Wordle Game Unlimited FAQS:

What is Wordle Game?
Wordle Game is a word guessing game in which you have to guess a 5 letter meaningful word in six steps. Wordle is a web-based word game created and developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. It was bought by the New York Times Company in 2022, who has since maintained and published it. It is very popular game among literate people.

Why play Wordle?
There are many other games available to play but Only Wordle helps you to booost your memory and build your word power. And also its compeletly free to play.

Will Wordle become an app?
To date there is no official Wordle app, but you may find some copy-cats. You can decide to download any of the Wordle app in the Appstore or GooglePlay, but do you really need one more app on you phone?? Just use our website. Its easy to use and you don’t need to install anything on your phone. Wordle without daily limit? Why is Wordle only one word per day? Maybe the original version of this game. In our website you can play as many games as you want, thus the name Wordle Unlimited.

Where can I find the archive of past games?
Actually there is a website that not only has the complete Wordle Archive (opens in new window), but you can play those previous games. Just select the number of the play.

Is there any Wordle Solver?
Yes. There is a website where you can easily find the answer to any wordle game. Use this website. Just type some words and click on the letters to change color like in the game. It will give suggest other words to use that has the best probability to guess the hidden word. At the end there is a list of possible solutions. The more words you enter, the less words remain as a possible solution till only one word remains. Usually you can find the answer in 3-4 tries, less than the 6 tries allowed in the game.

Why has Wordle gone viral?
In the original game there was only one word for all players during 24 hours. So everybody had to guess the same word and this is the reason why wordle has gone viral. Everybody wants to share how many guesses they got the answer and they shared the result on twitter and other social media. The twitt did not have the website address in itself, just the colors, but everybody who had been playing the same game understood the meaning. It became like a badge of honor.

Can I challenge my friends on wordle?
At this time there is no multiplayer version of Worlde, but you can challenge your friends in another way. Using this website (opens in other tab) you can create your own “hidden word”, you will get a link to a specific game that has as the answer the word you choose. You can share this link with your friends.

Can I get wordle of dark mode?
The default is white background game, but you can change it. You can go to the settings icon and then activate the “dark mode”. This is especially helpful during night hours.

Wordle is easy for me, how to make things more complicated?
Go to the settings icon and then activate the “Hard mode”.

Does wordle has a feature for color blinded people?
Yes, we thought of that too. In the settings page you can activate “Color Blind Mode”.

This website is not affiliated with the original NYL Wordle game.
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